Haryana CSR

Project Management Unit for CSR

(A joint venture of Department of industries and Commerce, Haryana and Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs)

The Project Management Unit (PMU) for CSR set up as a joint venture of the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), working under the aegis of Ministry of Corporate Affairs & Department of Industries & Commerce (DoI), Government of Haryana, will be responsible for the following activities, to facilitate the corporates in making their CSR Policies convert to impactful CSR Projects catering to the developmental needs.

1. CSR Policy formulation/revision of the existing policy

The PMU will assist the corporates by strategizing and formulating a CSR Policy for the organisation which would be aligned with their vision and mission and compliance of Companies Act, 2013 that would serve to strengthen the trust of all the stakeholders.

The PMU will also re-visit the existing policies of corporates and revise them, to be able to more and more impactful contribution to the community through its CSR programs.

2. Facilitation

The corporates would be provided with following assistance to enable them to utilize their CSR Fund to cater to the developmental needs of the local area

a. Identification of Project

The PMU would be providing a shelf of projects to the corporates to choose from. The members of the PMU would be assisting the corporates in choosing the project which is best aligned to its CSR Policy and Schedule VII.

b. Acquiring Approvals

Wherever necessary applicable and NOC’s required, the PMU would assist the corporates in getting the requisite approvals from the concerned departments for smooth implementation of the CSR Project.

c. Enlighten the corporates about the due-diligence process for selecting an Implementing Agency

The corporates would be enlightened about the mandatory pre-requisites and due-diligence process for selecting an Implementing Agency by the PMU.

d. Briefing the IA about Compilation of mandatory documentation

The PMU would assist in briefing and educating the IA about the compilation of mandatory documentation required for audit purposes by the corporates.

e. Mandatory Reports

The Implementing agencies as well as the corporates would be assisted in the preparation of the mandatory reports like the monthly progress reports, quarterly progress reports, project closure reports, capturing success stories, etc. to be submitted by the IA to the Corporates. The corporates in turn would be assisted in following the CSR reporting framework and other CSR related compliances.

3. Conduct Baseline Surveys/Need Assessment Studies and assist in Real-time Evaluation, Mid & End Term Evaluation and conduct Impact Assessment Studies.

The PMU would conduct baseline survey/need assessment studies wherever required or solicited by Corporates. They would also assist in real-time evaluation of the CSR Project being implemented by the corporates. Impact Assessment studies would be undertaken by the PMU to assist the corporates understand the extent of the impact of their CSR program on the community.

4. Capacity Building

Capacity building activities in the form of Training Programs, Seminars, Workshops, Summits & Conclave, etc would be organized by the PMU to cater to the training needs of the corporates.

Sr. No. Activity IICA DoI
1 Formulating CSR Policies/reviewing the existing CSR Policies of Companies Done Done
2 Capacity Building – Training, Seminar, Workshops, Summit, Conferences etc. Done Done
3 Lifecycle of CSR Projects
3.1 Identification of Projects Done
3.2 Identification of Projects Done
3.3 Enlighten the corporates about the due-diligence process for selecting an Implementing Agency Done Done
3.4 Mandatory Reports Done Done
4.1 Baseline Surveys/Need assessment studies Done Done
4.2 Real time evaluations & Monitoring Done Done
4.3 Impact Assessments Done Done