Haryana CSR
Executive Committee
Sr. No. Designation Status
1 Chief Secretary to Government of Haryana Chairman
2 Administrative Secretary, Finance Department Member
3 Administrative Secretary, Industries & Commerce Department Member
4 Member from industry association- PHD Member
5 Member from industry association- CII Member
6 Director of Industries & Commerce Member Secretary

Role of the Haryana CSR Executive Committee:

  • Drafting CSR Policy to create framework to support the corporate efforts and channelize their resources at the point of highest need and ensure proper utilization to create sustainable change in line with Government plans and laying down transparent and defined roadmap for Government support for CSR projects;

  • Work along with various departments to identify the key areas/ sectors those can be offered for CSR;

  • Identify projects in focused sectors such as public health / hygiene, primary education, primary health, access to clean drinking water etc. for allocation of funds from CSR fund;

  • Recommend creation, sanctioning, abolishment and re-designation of the posts in the Haryana CSR Executive Committee to Haryana CSR Advisory Board;

  • Recommend any CSR project beyond Rs. 100 Crore investment to Haryana CSR Advisory Board;

  • Provide approval on allocation of funds from the CSR fund for implementation of proposed projects;