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The Haryana State CSR Trust Board aims to play the role of aggregating various social initiatives spread all over the State. The Board shall endeavour to facilitate and support CSR investments of companies/organizations through indirect and direct interventions by encouraging collaboration between CSR stakeholders in businesses, government, and civil society to create and improve the public infrastructure for the welfare of citizens. The potential size of the CSR fund is huge due to the fact that 80% of Fortune 500 companies have their presence in Haryana, the board will work towards channelizing this fund by creating collaboration among corporates, government, NGO, and local communities. The Haryana State Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Trust headed by Hon’ble Chief Minister is constituted for providing guidance, advice, and reviewing the CSR activities in the State.

With the inception of the New Companies Act, 2013, the various welfare activities/projects under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by various Companies established under the Companies Act in the State of Haryana, have assumed significant importance. As Govt. Attaches due importance to the welfare activities in the Social Sectors covered under HDI, for the well-being of people of the State, a need has been felt for optimal utilization of the CSR Fund, through facilitating both the Public and Private Sector Companies in relation to their CSR spending.

In view of this, the matter related to the establishment of the Haryana State CSR Trust under the administrative control of IMD, was under active consideration of the State Government.

Honourable Chief Minister

Our Mission

To catalyse sustainable and inclusive growth across the state by identifying the thrust sector for every region and creating an enabling platform where corporate, government, Civil Society, and local community shall work hand in hand towards utilizing CSR funds in the best possible way.

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